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  1. Tok Raja Amulets
  2. Your favourite amulet/s
  3. anybody know who is lp ophasri????
  4. Jumbo Song
  5. BiaGae - Cowrie Shell 玄贝
  6. MitMor - Victorious Knife
  7. The 7 Days Buddha
  8. Phra Kar Wan ...please enlighten me
  9. Info Required
  10. Jartukam batch Sanpetch 3 after batch Sanpetch Year 1987
  11. LP Od Wat Chansen
  12. Suriya Chanta
  13. Good amulets dont come cheap, Cheap amulets dont come good.
  14. LP Tim Phra Khun Paen Plaai Guman
  15. How high can a price for an amulet go?
  16. My experience with Chu Chop
  17. Benjapakee - The Great 5
  18. Useful reference of Thai periods
  19. When did you started wearing amulets ??
  20. More info abt LP Thuad
  21. Hot news reported on thai amulets
  22. lp koon
  23. Who is the Top 10 monks?
  24. Wat Paknam
  25. Doubts
  26. Renting and maintaining your amulets
  27. Clarifications.Please help!
  28. Blessed Chanting for LP Thuad
  29. History Of Thailand And Kings
  30. What happen if We pronouce the Katha Wrongly ???
  31. Categories of collection
  32. Wat Phrachetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram Rajaworamahavihara ( Wat Pho)- King Rama I
  33. Ingredients for making khun pern amulets and katha also for them
  34. i want to chow a LP nak somdej
  35. Useful words for amulets
  36. What are your FAV amulets if money is not an issue
  37. Archan Sakorn Amulet
  38. Laung Pho Pae amulets
  39. Luang Phor Jumnean Seelasettho (Wat ThumSua)
  40. Personal experiences with your amulets-share here!
  41. An English-Thai translator to build up this forum knowledge
  42. Anyone into LP Doo from Wat Sakae
  43. history and origin of phra prathan
  44. Lung Por Toh amulets
  45. LP Tim Nakprok Rian chanted in which year?
  46. Which LP Tim Rian amulets are more collectable?
  47. taking pic of your amulet
  48. Jatukham
  49. Upali amulets
  50. Thai Amulets Website
  51. Propaganda Amulets!
  52. Amulets From Factories
  53. Luang Phor Unn Millionaires Pidta Wat TaKong
  54. Kruba Krishna’s Butterfly Amulet Penang Batch
  55. Fortune Amulet
  56. Luang Phor Thuad Amulets
  57. My Story About Luang Phor Thuad Amulets
  58. Luang Phor Thuad BE2548 By Luang Phor Thong Wat SamBaoChway
  59. Your Must Have Amulets…
  60. The truth about amulets collecting
  61. Any present period amulets worth collecting?
  62. You must believe!
  63. Which amulets give you special experiences and encounters?
  64. LP Pern amulets identification
  65. Holy sarira Phra Tadt Thai amulet
  66. Info
  67. does wearing a particular amulet makes one "suay"?
  68. Who is your Tua Tao Gei(Big Boss)?
  69. Intervention of invention of amulets
  70. Ling made by Laung Phor Ding, Wat Bang Ngua
  71. Phra LP Thuad M16, 72nd Birthday Batch
  72. Lp Tae Wat Samgnan
  73. Temple mass chanting
  74. LP Niam Noi
  75. Famous Buddha Tok Hak LP Thong of Wat SamBaoChway
  76. Chinese amulets - the next powerhouse?
  77. Luang Po Thuat's Bucha, Wat SamBaoChway
  78. LP Thuad 2524 Wat ChangHai very collectable
  79. Good amulets Link
  80. Encasing of Amulets
  81. Enquries
  82. Khun Paen
  83. How to maintain your metallic amulets?
  84. Competition rules for amulets
  85. What does the numbers mean?
  86. Anyone can help me out??
  87. Testing Consecrated Thai Amulets
  88. FAQ on wearing Amulets
  89. Somdej Pim Song Kaiser
  90. Just to confirm something
  91. Kruba Kritsana's Butterfly Pendants
  92. Proper ways of handling and maintenance of your amulet
  93. dos and don'ts while wearing a amulet
  94. About verifying rians.
  95. something to enquries on Phra Phrom si na .
  96. Pulau Ubin
  97. Lesson learnt fm amulets collection.
  98. Different way of wearing amulets
  99. Different types of Somdej
  100. Lark Yong
  101. diff types of kun pheng
  102. Please help to ID this amulet
  103. Cat's umbilical cord
  104. Which Amulet Will Be The Next Trend Of Collecting?
  105. about verifying nur phong
  106. Wat Makuthkasatiyaram Somdej
  107. Luang Phor Tae's Phra Pidta
  108. Next famous amulet??
  109. Singapore's own buddhist museum - Nei Xue Tang
  110. When a pidta considered a 'millionaire' version?
  111. Chanting
  112. Storing amulets.
  113. How to arrange the order of amulets for wearing?
  114. LP Pae 6th batch Somdet
  115. some qns
  116. Please don’t test your amulets!
  117. Anyone hear of this amulet???
  118. what is the reason u collect amulets ?
  119. The New Grand Five Amulets!
  120. can anybody help to identify this amulet
  121. Gu Man Thong
  122. How to wear takruts?
  123. pupose of wearing kring ?
  124. Previews and Reviews of Rare Amulets!
  125. Incidents how our amulets saved us
  126. Types of different "collectors"
  127. any amulets which is good for relationship?
  128. Luang Phor Thuad and Rainbow Body!
  129. Why Tok Raja amulets so popular even in Thailand?
  130. LP Thuad Jumbo with 9 Takrut (Neua Wahn)
  131. www.mir.com.my
  132. Pitda
  133. LP Deang Nang Phaya
  134. Pitda Pakawan
  135. Luang Phor Thuad Amulets Chanted by Tok Raja
  136. Forum Identification Project - PoloT/Cap
  137. anyone heard of this two luang phor ?
  138. Amulets wrapped in sealed gold case cannot buy?
  139. Criteria on collecting amulets
  140. What is Alpaca?
  141. Number of amulet to wear
  142. lp deaeng amulets anyone ?
  143. Is it appropriate to take pic of amulets using camera?
  144. On line amulets info
  145. Buddha Jinara
  146. Pra Jatukarm
  147. Maha Chan at Duku road
  148. Some website for sharing
  149. Criteria on choosing your favorite guru monks: Sensitive topics!
  150. Hairline cracks in amulets
  151. coming 23 july competition book is out
  152. Thai Amulet Phra Putta Sihing
  153. Phra Kring
  154. Siam Amulets bazaar fair
  155. Important notes on protecting the condition of your amulets!
  156. maybe some people can help me :)
  157. Boxes and containers to keep your amulets
  158. Amulets saved a person's life and his companion in a car accident
  159. lP Ya
  160. Any physical effects when you wear your amulets eg. headaches etc?
  161. [Help] LP Tuo
  162. Your favourite combo amulets
  163. Wat ChangHai LP Thuad 2522 Apaka mini rian
  164. Why use 16 joss stick
  165. List your current top 5 monks in thailand
  166. LP Djeut "Hua Tanoo" amulet Fake VS Real
  167. Who do you think the top 5 monks in ever Thai History?
  168. Yoke Kum Pom
  169. hoon payong
  170. two type of LP Daeng Somdej Wat Kao Bandai-it, B.E.2513/2514
  171. Where to find...
  172. Putting wore amulets on alter table
  173. info on somdej
  174. which amulet means what?
  175. Why do you collect amulets?
  176. Luang Phor Ngern Pitchi 2515
  177. how to count years
  178. question about rahu
  179. The legend of Pra Rahoo
  180. Where can i buy the box which to keep the amulets?
  181. Meaning of para kit and its uses
  182. Is it ok to use a camera with flash to take the pic of the amulets?
  183. Roon Raow Soo rien
  184. God of war amulet
  185. Doubts On my amulet
  186. Numbers
  187. Hi. Where to get casing.
  188. ~some enquiries ~
  189. My very first amulet
  190. Money note
  191. "Honouring His Majesty the King'" amulet - akan datang last one by Luang Phor Koon
  192. lp toh
  193. Meaning of pidta
  194. hi need advise
  195. Luang Poo Thuat Wat Dee Luang BE2505
  196. Pra Luang Poo Thuat Wat MuengYala BE2505
  197. Luang Poo Thuat Wat Saikow BE2514
  198. luang phor tae
  199. seek help ! Buy or not to buy
  200. Musings of an amulet collector
  201. Luang tiah.
  202. Arrangement of Amulets
  203. Advise Amulets - Urgent
  204. Looking For Luang Phor Kasem, Lampang Book
  205. amulets for thought
  206. Which amulet is more suitable?
  207. Don’t Compare!
  208. Amulet Vs Karma
  209. What is Jartukam for?
  210. Olden day temple donation paper
  211. RECENT CASE of Jatukarm amulet's protection
  212. <<ROUND 1 - Order for Forum Polo T shirt>>
  213. Con-Artist Selling Fake Kuman Tong
  214. Webby for Jetukarm
  215. self-make amulet wat u think???
  216. Somdej Question
  217. Phra Kring Cakapat
  218. strange thinng happened when praying to Lord Jatukarm Ramathep
  219. Abbot Luang Phor Uttama dies at 97
  220. Salutations
  221. Con-Artist Selling Fake Kuman Tong Version 2
  222. nice link
  223. blessing in wearing amulet
  224. Phra Jatukarm ThephanumanSriwichai
  225. Luang Phor Thuat
  226. Metal Teapot Material Somdej Amulet.
  227. Anyone knows what is this amulet?
  228. i wanna know
  229. lp pra sai
  230. Your Dream Bucha
  231. phra phom
  232. New to Thai Amulets..Need Advice
  233. love khun paen
  234. love khun paen
  235. bucha helps business
  236. What is the lifespan of Amulets??
  237. Luang pu Hong,Wat Petchaburi,surin
  238. meaning of Jakurtam
  239. <<ROUND 2 - Order for Forum Polo T shirt>>
  240. A personal cross-road in amulets hobby
  241. women and amulets, takruts, etc
  242. Somdej Pra Sangkarat Pae Wat Suttat
  243. How to choose a suitable amulet to put on?
  244. Please help ID LP Opasee Rian
  245. Looking at the crystal ball for the future power amulets
  246. wat sataheep
  247. Heard Jatukarm ceremony bombed?
  248. The Popular Jatukham Amulet.
  249. Luangpu Hin Watrakang
  250. Amulet verification corner