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  1. some pics of my KMT
  2. Self made Ngan and KMT
  3. gumantong mantra
  4. THE REAL Kuman Thong !!!
  5. KUNmantong~~~
  6. Adoption of kmt.
  7. KMT milk
  8. new web on KMT
  9. Some GMT I've seen over these 1 - 2 yrs
  10. My first kmt given to me
  11. My GMT altar and new son
  12. My KMT Prayant
  13. Understand more abt KMT...
  14. White patches/print on KMT alter
  15. Ac Yen Kmt. picture took at bkk
  16. keeping kmt amulet
  17. KMT sitting on sea shell
  18. KMT id
  19. Kumantong
  20. Making of KMT
  21. Show your KMT amulet pics here !!!
  22. Kata Kmt Lp Soon-jik Wat Noi Nam Hong
  23. Kumanthong
  24. which KMT bucha is your favourite?
  25. Who's the maker of this KMT bucha
  26. Do you offer joss stick to your kmt?
  27. sharing with you guy my kmt collection over the 10 years.
  28. Video of KMT
  29. Lok gok consider as KMT?
  30. Is this a gd location to put my kmt
  31. for kmt lover
  32. Some queries on KMT.
  33. My New KMT
  34. come and view my kmt collection !!!
  35. kmt
  36. For those who own Wat Sam Ngam Gumans
  37. To Share มิตร KMT collection
  38. how kmt n lok krok work
  39. Unsure KMT, please help
  40. KMT BUCHAs
  41. khuen peng with kmt behind
  42. Guman Thong Dood Rog
  43. Kuman Thong Dood Rog
  44. Will you rent a KMThep?
  45. kumantong
  46. KumanTong Hub
  47. Kmt for id
  48. kuman thep
  49. question on kumantong roop
  50. Cash converter Kmt
  51. My Lp Yan KMT
  52. wat is KMT favourite food
  53. My Kmt
  54. KMT Chanting
  55. Where did you keep your GMT?
  56. sharing my kmt
  57. pentan3008's KMTs
  58. Kmt
  59. How do u all communciate to ur kmts?
  60. my kmt
  61. i can teach whoever wants to learn !!
  62. New Lp Yeam's KMT
  63. BIggEST KMT??
  64. ac wee gmt
  65. chris1982's KMT
  66. HAve anyone place their KMT in thier office?
  67. KMT by LP Somjit
  68. Which is one will you choose? Lokok or KMT
  69. Help about KMT
  70. Mini Altar for KMT loop
  71. Moi KMT...
  72. Hpy + Kmt
  73. Those r my boys... just sharing with u guys
  74. What happen to to ur kmt's milk???
  75. LP Poon Wat Pailom KMT - Katha
  76. KMT Advertisement
  77. KRUBA KEOW MA - Limited Edition KMT amulet
  78. Offering to KMT
  79. LP Tae 2nd batch KMT
  80. KMT and Ancestor
  81. Ac sup's Kmt katha
  82. kumantong temples pics...
  83. Which Lp is good at making kmt
  84. doing good karma for kmt / barangs
  85. Kata for Arjan Nikon KMT
  86. lp dum Kmt thep
  87. Ku Man Tong
  88. my kmt and hpy
  89. Do not under estimate the power of KMT.
  90. Ajarn Yem KMT made of babies bones?
  91. Katha for LP Pern's KMT
  92. Kmt Playing
  93. Katha for LP Khui's KMT
  94. KMT n Children
  95. KMT offerings
  96. KMT how? when i oversea ?
  97. KMT Bucha/amulet
  98. Help to id this KMT
  99. My special KMT
  100. My Boy Boy.....
  101. KMT oil
  102. Price of LP yen kmt bucha
  103. Roop kmt to share
  104. Sharing my Lp Dum kmt bucha
  105. Phra Chai & KMT
  106. My KMT little alter
  107. Question on KMT
  108. Which master make KMT very Jalan
  109. guman thong oil
  110. kmt with buddha statues on same altar.......
  111. Any specific reason not to put KMT facing specific direction?
  112. arjahn yen KMT
  113. Can own more then One Kuman
  114. How do u all CATCH the feeling of KMT??!!
  115. Queries on KMT
  116. mooncake celebration with KMT
  117. My noob threat...KMT qn.
  118. How Does We Bring Up Our Kmt Power
  119. Phra Ngan AND Kumantong
  120. L.P Pern - KMT
  121. every master can bless your kmt or barang roop
  122. Question on KMT sitting in jar
  123. Ajahn Deang Kumantong
  124. Ajahn Yit Kumantong
  125. Luang Phor Hong KMT
  126. My Lp Tae Kmt (Wat Sam Ngam)
  127. anyone had bad experience with their barang / KMT?
  128. Question about KMT (:
  129. Hpy And Kuman Share Same Room Or Split?
  130. At what age you start having ur KMT? ANd WHY KMT?
  131. My KMT altar
  132. Does those amulets with KMT behind got spirt?
  133. latest kmt in wat sam ngam.
  134. Can KMT placed facing you while you are slping?
  135. What is KMT, KuManTong??? read here.
  136. can be kmt powerful then lokok!!!!
  137. Discussion on your KMT amulet
  138. Showcase my Kumantongs...
  139. Buying Kumanthong
  140. Kumans Feeding and Chants to benefit them
  141. Kmt Bucha...
  142. How long does ur KMT milk take after it change into beancurd form?
  143. KMT Area Of Influence
  144. kmt thep and kmt not thep???
  145. How long does you all take to feel your KMT?
  146. Luang Phor Yen KMT offerings
  147. Phra Ngan & Kumanthong Query
  148. Got any fake LP Yeam, Wat Sam Ngan Kumantongs on the market now???
  149. How to keep KMT
  150. How To Rent / Keep / Up bring KMT
  151. Do u all chanting tat time, ask ur Kumantongs to join in?
  152. Which Dealer I Can Rent Good KMT From
  153. What factors do u consider when renting KMT
  154. Usual practice when u bring kmt back
  155. boi boi or ger ger???????
  156. Unknown KMT for Adoption
  157. Lp Dum new kmt
  158. L.p Yeam K.m.t
  159. urgent question about kmt
  160. 2009 new new LP Dum GMT super energised!
  161. Offerings for KMT on Chinese 1st and 15th of the month
  162. Videos of my Kumantongs playing wif can!
  163. AC Pia Guman Tong also full of life
  164. KMTs Queries
  165. Lp. Pern - Kmt -
  166. Kruba Duang Dee GMT Post ur pics here
  167. LP Sawai, Wat Predaram KMT
  168. Cute KMT! take a look
  169. Help to identify this kmt
  170. 2 x new babies in the house
  171. Arjan Yeam Wat Sam Ngam 2552 4" Bucha
  172. LP Sakron Guman Tong Roop 1.2" 2547
  173. Kmt In Oil
  174. kmt and kmthep
  175. Kumuntong Amulet
  176. LP dum kmt
  177. New way to hang amulets (And some of my GMT/Tarkruts)
  178. Abortion gals shld keep kmt?
  179. My First KMT.
  180. KMT with knife/sword in hand
  181. Kumantong - LP Yaem, Wat Sam Ngam
  182. KMT put below Ancestor below
  183. Please Help Id My Kmt...thanks
  184. My boy boy say hi to SA
  185. Bringing along yr children (KMT/LKK) amulets
  186. Wat Bang Prah (Lersi Ser Ming Pai and LP Pern Guman Tong)
  187. Luang Thia Guman Tong (In NMP and Plai Guman)
  188. Offerings for KMT
  189. Arjan Piak Guman Tong Consecration Ceremony
  190. mixing guman tong
  191. Which 15" KMT AC yen
  192. KMTs too silent now
  193. Incense, Chanting, Food & Sweets, Yants
  194. Ac Wee Gumanthong
  195. Are you afraid to get fake KMT ?
  196. Guman Tong PLK Dulut (Koo) 2552 LP Amnat Wat Pajiow Oii (Chayapoon)
  197. Kmt and Crystals
  198. Kumanthong and MIRACLES ?
  199. Guman Tong LP Kuay Wat Kositaram (The most "branded" Guman Tong)
  200. Arjan Piak's Guman Tong Roon 2 and Khun Pean Roon 3
  201. 4 faced Kuman Thep - KB Subin
  202. New Boy From Wat Sam Ngam
  203. Need help in maintaining KMT!
  204. My Kuman from LP Jom
  205. share my new boys
  206. can everyone own KMT ?
  207. Wat Bang Phra KMTs
  208. How Ur KMT Helped U
  209. Any famous GMT maker in Phuket? ~
  210. How to pray for kmT
  211. How your kmt butcha spirit can come with you outside?
  212. My KMT Thep New House
  213. ac piak kmt
  214. Kruba Subin KMT
  215. Looking for my next KMT
  216. KMT Offering
  217. share whats your kmt done to you and let you feel happy
  218. What happen to your KMT when you die ?
  219. Bucha Guman Tong Arjan Piak 2552
  220. Where is the Best place to put your KMTs
  221. kmt or lokok?
  222. muz put plain water?
  223. LPM KMT Collection
  224. Yakult instead of milk?
  225. reincarnation of Kuman Tong/Nee
  226. Need help with my KMT amulets
  227. Story of KMT
  228. Just wanna share
  229. Open or closed ?
  230. Power of ac piak blessing on kmt
  231. KMT fight against ghost ?
  232. Curious question about KMT
  233. Sharing my BoiBoi picture :)
  234. Who can be place with KMTs?
  235. chilli, spicy please ....
  236. kmt running away?
  237. Transferring Merits to Kmt
  238. General KMT Song or MP3
  239. KMT Need ID?
  240. sharing my kumanthong collection
  241. LP Tae 2nd & 3rd Batch KMT Buchas Advise Please
  242. Classification of Kuman
  243. Anyone have AC Thong KMT katha.
  244. How to know whether our kmt is still in the bucha?
  245. Kumantong
  246. Where to get LP Yam KMT (the one where by the kmt sitting on cow)
  247. AC Piak's KMT Katta
  248. anyone knows?
  249. LP Jorm GMT 1st batch Wat Ninsukharam
  250. Trip to Wat Sam Ngam